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Water Drop Bench


Presenting a collaboration of fine furniture and art, between Peter Tschudy and Siona Benjamin.



Here is the start of a line of furniture inspired by colonial India and Peter’s hybrid international designs, mixed with Siona’s original artwork. 


The bench is made entirely from Ipe, one of the hardest wood known and it is highly resistant to the elements. There are no screws or nails used to make it. All the joinery is mortise and tendon or drilled and pegged with Ipe dowels.  This bench can also be made as a swing for a  front porch.


 The inspiration for the back of the bench represents the circular patterns formed when a stone is dropped into standing water.  Cut with precision and finished with fine sanding, the bench is sealed with Penofin. This piece of furniture is weather proof for outside use but will look elegant also inside the home. The art work is printed on ceramic tiles and are excerpts from Siona’s paintings. They serve as embellishments with bursts of color which compliments the Ipe wood. 


Please contact or for details about purchase and ordering from this line of furniture. 


Peter Tschudy is a wood craftsman making high quality furniture and renovating homes for the past 35 years.


Siona Benjamin is a fine art painter who has been exhibiting and making art internationally.

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